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Impacts of mobile app in online shopping

Jun 30, 2016 by ecoistore Comments Off on Impacts of mobile app in online shopping

Online retailers today need to pay close attention to the increasingly important role that mobile devices play in shopping behaviour. An effective mobile strategy will be a solid foundation for sales growth, as online shopping is a huge growing industry. Statistics says nearly one fourth of the world’s population is using smartphone and also it has been estimated that by 2018 over one third of worldwide consumers will use smartphones application for online shopping.

Many business owners started to believe that smartphones play a major part in their business and they started developing their online store concentrating on mobile sites as well as mobile apps.

A mobile app or website is only useful to consumers if it performs well when they need it. Poor performance of shopping apps results in losing valuable customers, also it impacts overall perception of a retailer. Performance is key for any great app or website. The developed shopping apps should provide retailers the ability to engage with their customers at any time, to make the buyer more convenient.

It’s also important to have an app and advertising about the app via stores or ad campaigns, to help consumer download it. Retailers can make use of GPS technologies and history of data in order to provide highly contextual and personal offers to consumers. Online live chat for shopping apps is one of the best service strategy to meet their needs till end of the journey, from first contact through sale’s support.

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