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How it Works
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For today’s consumer who is constantly battling with the clock to find time, iStore helps in ordering products online and delivers them right to his doorstep, eliminating the need to stand in a beeline for hours to buy a product. It is so easy for your customers to shop with a well organized iStore shop. Customers can search for the products they look for and place the order by selecting them from the smart shopping gallery. The payment can be easily made through a secure payment gateway.

iStore helps you to categorize and offer products that are easily identified by your customers. Customers can also add their favourite items to their wish list that can be shared through social media. Your customers can easily drag and drop their items into the "shopping cart" which takes them further to the checkout and payment process. They can choose their preferred way of shipment and customize their orders to gift to their friends or relatives. Instant updates about the orders can be easily tracked by your customers on the website. To have a great shopping time with iStore, your customers are provided with the following options including:

  • Shop by Products
  • Shop by Model or Brand
  • Shop by Category


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