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Things to consider when selecting ecommerce platform

Jul 20, 2016 by ecoistore Comments Off on Things to consider when selecting ecommerce platform

Are you a business owner? Having an idea to open an online store? one of the biggest choices you have to make is which platform to use for your ecommerce website development. There are multiple factors that should be taken into account while making decision. Includes ease of use, integrations, and navigations etc., In this post, we have discussed key factors that are need to considered when choosing an ecommerce platform,

  • Business focus

What is your business, what are you planning to sell at your business, will help to determine what ecommerce platforms you can select. Some ecommerce platform helps to handle both digital and physical products, while others are only set up to handle one. Decide your product and choose the apt platform that brings you higher ROI.

  • Hosting

The next thing is hosting, from business perspective you have to choose should your store to be hosted on own website or in the ecommerce platform’s. Hosting your store on your own website will gives you the privilege to control, but it requires proper maintenance and security. As it will become your responsibility to protect customer data and keeping the software up to date. This is the reason why many businesses prefer to have their stores hosted in reliable ecommerce platforms. Proper hosting will help you gain better visibility and drives more traffic to the website.

  • Website Design

Many ecommerce websites are available with prebuilt themes to choose from, but purchased websites will not be more suitable for online shopping. Developing ecommerce websites will help developers also in customizing as per the requirement. Decide whether you are comfortable using someone else’s theme or developing your website from custom designer.

Payment Gateway Integrations

Do you prefer that your customers pay via online? Integrate authorized or other specific payment gateways to help your customers with easy transactions.

Just check out the above points while designing your ecommerce platforms that are worth a look, also decide what to use and consider for your business. We @ iStore are all about giving you the best ecommerce website to manage and market a successful online store. So why not get in touch with us ,we can discuss how iStore can assist you!

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