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Retail Apps to improve Online Shopping

Dec 13, 2016 by ecoistore Comments Off on Retail Apps to improve Online Shopping

Today’s digital age has revolutionized the day-to-day activities of every common people; Shopping is the single core perspective where everyone needs to get the most as per their expectation. But in their fast running routine, users like to shop instantly where the product of their wish reaches them effortlessly by opting for online shopping.

Just as a justification to the above, a recent study shows that,

  • 66% shoppers spend their shopping time with online retail
  • Almost half of smartphone users downloaded a shopping app on their phone
  • 54% of users prefer apps because the experience is better than mobile sites
  • 27% shop using apps to take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts

These are just a boon to retailers who engage their customers with mobile apps and offering services as per their requirement, an online retail business can shine if it meets the user expectation and gains their appreciation. What happens if they fail to do so? Will users prefer to go with same retailer???

There are some possibilities to lose some valuable customers…

Just scroll down, here are some awesome ways to attract shoppers with retail apps and gain their retention

Live shopping experience:

Best way to engage customers is by creating an in-store user experience; look and feel, navigations, product listings, payment option should be made agile for better user experience and make them feel like real shopping. This automatically increases app download and drives higher traffic.


The developed app should be compatible to mobile devices; either it might be iOS, android or any other platform. App should be accessible to every user, so that they can enjoy the complete shopping experience with the retail app regardless of their mobile OS.

Add interesting insights:

Provide shoppers an opportunity to engage, learn and understand something while visiting the store.

Promotional coupons and discounts:

Promotional coupons and discounts are relatively economical to make when compared to other forms of marketing and advertising. This type of user engagement is very effective and that is the reason why many chains prefer this strategy.

Surprise gifts:

Add little creativity and engage app users in a friendly way by offering some surprise gifts exclusively for the user. Either the surprise may be one+one offer, scratch-off coupons etc., These small interesting things adds more flavor to the app and makes it worth-while.

These ways are just handy information which we can discuss in short, but to know in detail about importance of app for retail and shopping businesses to improve user engagement, gain customer retention and much more reach us @ iStore your ecommerce partner.

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