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Things to Consider When Developing an e-commerce store

May 18, 2016 by ecoistore Comments Off on Things to Consider When Developing an e-commerce store

E-commerce the most popular online business trend in our futuristic world. Sufficient timing and proper planning is crucial in developing a quality ecommerce business website.  When a user’s visit your site to find a products or purchase products, they should feel comfortable and also your website should be user-friendly. To have so developers should do everything as they can to make the process easy and understandable for users.

E-commerce Responsive Design: –

In this mobile age it is necessary to design responsive websites, also it’s essential when you design for large screen devices as well as optimizing for mobile and tablet views. That’s because there’s an increasing trend towards browsing and shopping, on high-res devices like TVs, Smart phones, Desktops and Tablet

The usage of Smart phones to access websites is growing continually. Some recent statistics shows that by 2017 over one fourth of e-commerce sales will be made via mobile. so it’s important to develop websites as responsive sites.

Support Guest Checkouts: –

Guest checkouts are important for first-time customers to your website. Online shopping requires trust in the merchant, and many users don’t feel comfortable saving their information during their first visit to a new store. Forcing users to sign up decrease the conversion rates.

Search Tabs: –

30% of e-commerce sites use search tab to find the products they are looking for, so it’s essential that search functionality is available and easy to use. In addition, it’s a good idea to use features like autocomplete, help users find latest products or items related to their searches.

Security Is Essential: –

Before developing an ecommerce project, you need to ensure that all the necessary systems are placed to cover up loop holes in your security.

  • Use SSL certificates and ensure PCI compliance
  • Don’t hang on to customer data
  • Have multiple layers of security
  • Ensure DDoS protection with cloud-based services
  • Install security patches on your system regularly

Building your own ecommerce business is not an easy task. From choosing a product, evaluating viability and sourcing, to building, launching and growing sales. There’s a lot of puzzle pieces.

However, following this idea together provide a clear roadmap for developing an e-commerce store. If you need assistance to build a profitable ecommerce business Contact us now at to get well developed and optimized ecommerce website.

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