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Factors to consider before developing an Online E-Commerce Website

Dec 15, 2014 by ecoistore Comments Off on Factors to consider before developing an Online E-Commerce Website

Website defines the first impression that our clients can have about a product, brand etc. When it comes to ecommerce, not only our products but it is also the website that makes or breaks product sales. Hence, a well designed, user friendly site can easily connect with your customers and make them stay longer and also return back thus increasing the sales conversion and profits.

We are going to solely look into the aspects that we should consider while developing an ecommerce website in this post.

Look & Appearance: The very first thing that leaves an impression on the visitors is, How your site’s looks? The color, themes, design should represent your brand. Think of a theme around your product, color schemes and design the site above them, so that the visitors get the central idea about your website and your products.

Functionality: Many people tend to forget about the functionality of the site, which is equally important. If a site is very good looking but loads slowly or has poor UI then customers exit the site. Your site should have smooth navigation, very responsive, fast and less complex. A good responsive website with good navigation, category filters that is running in a good server can impress everyone both by its looks and functionality.

Security: Our ecommerce website is one that is going to be dealing with the personal details of our customers and it is our duty to ensure them it is safe. Make sure that your site has SSL certificate, (a technology that can help your site to be secure) if not ask for it from your ecommerce software / solution provider.

Mobile Compatible: Smart phones and its users have increased at a rapid pace in recent times and they have become an unavoidable force in the modern tech world. Ensure that your website is compatible for all mobile devices and browsers. The mobile site should be easier for the mobile visitors to view their products, book them and for making payments.

Social Integration: Social media platforms are widely used these days and have gained a lot of popularity in the internet world. They can bring in a lot of traffic both in terms of new and returning visitors. Also they can help us gain a lot of fan base and build our brand image. Develop your presence in social media platforms and integrate them in your website without fail.

A fully integrated, good looking, user interactive ecommerce site with the right kind of promotion can reap you profits. Look for a full service ecommerce software solution provider and create an ecommerce site that includes all the factors listed above.

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