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Things to consider before starting an Online E-Commerce Business

Dec 15, 2014 by ecoistore Comments Off on Things to consider before starting an Online E-Commerce Business

We all live in a global world, an internet world. This global world has taken shopping, business, entertainment and almost everything globally. The words “ecommerce” and “online shopping” are now known to almost every internet user. A recent study says that 35% of the world’s internet users are purchasing products online because it is convenient, time saving and customers can get details about products in one place.

Today anyone can start online business, but to be successful we need to consider the proceedings not only of our own needs, but also from the perspective of the consumer community.

Product: The first and foremost. We should have a clear idea about whether the product will hit the bull’s eye. There is no use of giving a product that is provided by a lot of companies unless it has its own advantages. We should plan our products accordingly that we can highlight ourselves among competitors.

Website: The attraction. This is the base of any online business so develop the site perfectly. We may go for a shopping cart software service provider which comes with a website and customize it or can develop a new site using design service providers. The looks, response (UI), less complex nature, easy navigation are some of the basic things that attract and keep the customer in our site.

Shopping cart: The vital. It is in this place customers are going to get information of the product, view the product and take decisions whether to buy it or not. This is where a lot of bounce happens so make sure that the cart is perfect. The server speed and response are important because if the site slows down then customer will leave the site immediately. Also perfect descriptions & images about the products can impact the sales of the product or service positively.

Payment Options: The trust. Payment gateway and options are very crucial when it comes to online shopping. The first question that rises in the customer’s mind is security. Verify and ensure that the payment gateway is very secure and the server is safe to transaction. Go to the depth and ensure it because customers believe in us and they give their personal details, so we must ensure them the safety.

Shipping: The crucial. Customers order a product, pay for it and expect the product to be delivered as soon as possible and in a good condition. We should deliver them quick and in good quality. Get good connections with logistics partners, make a good plan of how the products should be delivered and abide by it. This is the part where our customer’s trust forms a full circle.

Marketing: The Mandatory. It is always been the most important step in this total list. Without a marketing plan or strategy we can’t do anything in online business. There are lots and lots of vendors in online, to overtake them and reach our customers we need to strategize ourselves. Don’t under estimate SEO; it is very important when it comes to online ecommerce solution based business. Digital marketing platforms like PPC, Google Adsense, Banner ads, Email marketing etc can play very crucial part in online business.

Finally, ecommerce not only increases our sales & profits but also throws us an opportunity to expand globally at much less cost. After 2010, a lot of businesses are quickly adapting them according to the e-commerce world. Think wise, plan perfectly, be unique and see everything from the customer’s point of view. That is always the strategy.

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