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5 Technology trends in Ecommerce Industry to watch out for

Dec 15, 2014 by ecoistore Comments Off on 5 Technology trends in Ecommerce Industry to watch out for

The rise in economy of Ecommerce industry in Indian market is an indication of the popularity the industry is gaining. These days the internet is flooded with thousands of ecommerce sites that sell everything, almost everything.

In an industry, where technology is the integral part, one has to keep both eyes on the technology trends that are happening in the industry. These trends defines your marketing strategy, these trends defines your profit and success.

We bring you the five recent trends that are going to decide the market in the coming days.

Mobile Commerce: Consumers have started to move away from desktops and laptops to mobiles and tablets a long ago and they have developed a liking towards mobile shopping because it enables them to shop from anywhere, anytime. This increase in numbers of mobile shoppers indicates that it is a must to optimize your sites for any type of mobiles and tablets.

Mobile Again: Not only mobile websites but the rise of smart phones has also opened doors for online stores to promote their products through mobile apps. Mobile apps make shopping easier because users can shop using apps without even going to the websites. In other point the popularity of your app also ensures that you have a strong consumer base.

Personalization: Users have started to share more and more information with online stores which mean they trust us. Already ecommerce stores have started personalizing user accounts according to their search or purchase history, interests, likes, dislikes and recommending products according to them. We will see more and more of these in the coming days.

Content Quality: Content is always the king. Recent studies shows that content marketing will play a vital part in user engagement. With increasing competition, the usual boring product description will never be a part of user engagement. Unique, creative, high quality content with spot on images will catch the user’s attention and will drive them to your stores.

Social Media Marketing: The popularity of social media platform these days is exponentially great. The competition between companies to open up social media stores and social media promotion is an indication of the potentiality of the market. Opening a social media store and building brand community is definitely going to benefit the online stores.

Change is the only constant. These trends may change in the future but one think you need to do is to keep tracking these trend changes and adapting to it. Read the pulse of your customers and make changes.

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