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Steps to Reduce ecommerce bounce rate

May 3, 2016 by ecoistore Comments Off on Steps to Reduce ecommerce bounce rate

Developing an Ecommerce website is as unique as your service offering. Creating a successful online store will become difficult if the strategies and conceptsof ecommerce were not understood properly, better understanding helps in making your online business success.

According to some analysis, if an ecommerce website “bounce rate” is high, then it would be a major negative impact for your online business. Bounce rate of every website is calculated as the percentage of visitors leaving the site after visiting minimal number of web pages.

Here is some of the steps to be taken care for reducing bounce rate

Steps to reduce your bounce rate

  • Importance of relevant content

Unique content is more important for ecommerce website in writing product descriptions. Copied content will not serve the exact purpose of having an ecommerce website, this may also lead to have complications in driving website traffic. Developed content should be Informational, for example – web pages describing to your customers about return policy, shipping options, terms of use, and other basicinformation.

  • Create clear call to action (CTA)

Main purpose of “call to action” is to drive a visitor to your site to do something. It could be adding a product to their shopping cart, downloading data, information request and lot more. Using different colours for CTA button that matches to your logo or brand will make more sense.

  • Optimise for mobile

Shoppers will be no longer patient enough to ‘pinch and grab’ a mobile screen to view an unoptimised website. If your website is not mobile friendly then you will be losing some valuable business, because mobile search rate is becoming higher compared to desktops. So it’s important to optimise your ecommerce website as mobile friendly site to reduce higher bounce rate.

  • Reduce your page load time

Interest level of a user will almost drain out if the website has slow loading time. For a quick win, use Google insight tools to do your website speed test. This helps to solve slow loading time problems on both desktop and mobile devices also helps in reducing your website bounce rate, that leads to gain more visitors to your website.

Ultimate goal of iStore E-commerce solutions is to help ecommerce website owners to have the best market strategies for their websites that helps to boost your conversion rate.

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