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15 important Quick actions to boost online store success

Feb 1, 2016 by ecoistore Comments Off on 15 important Quick actions to boost online store success

Is your online sale slow? Are your customers buying a single product from your store and checking out? Does your store experience poor repeated business?

Even though you offer great products, higher deals and inscribe excellent product descriptions for your products, it will be not enough to make your store a success that leads to boost business.

Every customer who walks into your online store for shopping will have different expectations and diverse preferences, so it’s important to offer high end and as well as low end products to make the customers satisfied and shop of their choice.

Here we have listed 15 important quick actions to boost online store success

  1. Never leave emails unanswered for more than 48 hours, even your customer is gone
  2. Make the customer see the shipping charge without registering
  3. Design your initial products page light and clean with beautiful, large photos
  4. Build your site for the shoppers, not the search engines
  5. Include links to returns & exchange policies, shipping where the customer can easily find them
  6. Keep the buyers informed about the status of their order
  7. Make product descriptions and selection options clear and comprehensive
  8. Respond and answer every possible question on the product detail page
  9. Listen to customers, invite their comments, ask for feedbacks and act on what you learnt
  10. Remove all unnecessary navigation elements from the checkout process, it is good to have a single checkout page if possible
  11. Call your customer to thank them and confirm their order .This builds immediate trust
  12. Include a “best sellers” or “most popular” product list on your home page
  13. List your prices for every item clearly and upfront
  14. Keep the 3 P’s above the fold on a product page. Product name, price and purchase link all should be visible without having to scroll
  15. Have a “Help” link prominently displayed in every page so they can use the link if there is an issue

Adapt these quick actions and boost your online store success, to know more in detail

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