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Ways to Convert E-Commerce Window Shoppers into Buyers

Nov 5, 2015 by ecoistore Comments Off on Ways to Convert E-Commerce Window Shoppers into Buyers

In today’s highly competitive market, attracting new visitors is crucial for every online store owner. They put more efforts to bring more visitors, but all of this vain if they don’t convert their visitors into buyers; this conversion percentage of visitors into buyers takes the prominent place in online marketing.

Here are three ways to increase the online store conversion rate; with the best practice of these tactics can easily convert window shoppers into buyers.

Give Great User Experience

Online eCommerce stores should be simple and easy to use. Excellent design can reduce user’s anxiety and give a great online store experience. Creating a clean design without distracting features makes visitors to feel safe to buy. A well placed Call to Action (CTA) will convince visitors to take action. Normally, visitors will arrive to a product page with more questions. By clearly answering their questions with the guidance of video or chat, helps the customers to take decision positively and it also increase the conversion rates.

Take Steps to Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shoppers’ leaving the site before completing the purchase is a common problem to many ecommerce stores. A latest report says that 68.7% of consumers abandon their online shopping cart at least one time. So, online retailers need to discover the reasons and take necessary steps to stop the shopping cart abandonment. Following are the most common reasons for customers to abandon their carts.

High prices: Shoppers get disappointed due to unimaginable costs. So, they start making comparison with competitor’s price, if the price is too high when compared with others may lead to lose potential customers. So pricing should be competitive.

Shipping Costs: Shipping costs should be low as possible, or offer free shipping as part of a promotion.

Shopping Cart Technical Problem: Avoid the shopping cart errors. The shopping cart must be 100% error free.

Checkout process: Checkout process should be uncomplicated. Do not force the customers to give details that are not required and don’t push them to create a new account, allow them to complete their purchase as a guest.

Optimize website for all devices:

Trend is changing as time goes on. Today, people started using their mobiles, tablets to buy the products. Online marketers need to give the same user experience regardless of the devices. Responsive web design alone is the solution to craft the website and gives an optimal viewing experience in all devices. Optimizing the website as per customer experience will help to increase conversion.

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