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Ways to Boost E-Commerce Conversion

Mar 4, 2016 by ecoistore Comments Off on Ways to Boost E-Commerce Conversion

For many businesses today building an online store is becoming one of the most significant way of revenue generation, ultimate aim of every online product or service is to attract targeted audiences. The key strategy of attracting audience depends on the efficiency of business to retain and convert audience into faithful customers or users and optimizing online store for long term success.

Conversion can take many forms, conversion rate helps to predict future success and assist in analyzing the best practices/strategies. Here we have listed some of the ways that helps to increase conversion of your ecommerce site.

  • Low Stock Alerts

Inform your customers when a particular product is about to run out of stock. This encourages them to purchase immediately, or they might miss out on the product. A low stock level also reassures the customer that the item is popular.

  • Free Shipping

Ensure that you have enough margin to cover the delivery fee and offering free shipping will certainly increase your orders.

  • Festival deals

You may offer festival deals, limited-time discount; free items or package deals to encourage customers to buy before the deal ends.

  • Quality Landing Page

Conversion rates increase massively if you just make things simple and clean at your landing page. Make the button stand out and try to ensure minimal distractions.

  • Live Chat

An online chat system provides customers an immediate access to help and that’s why many ecommerce websites now provide instant live chat for hassle free shopping experience.

  • High Quality Image

Important feature that drives to purchase a product online is its image, customers always endeavor to have the multi-dimensional view of product they prefer purchase, to increase conversion rates having high quality product image is crucial.

  • Responsive design

According to today’s market, if your website is not optimized for mobile then the store will not be in a place to attract targeted audience, because many studies that says one third of all ecommerce purchases were made on smartphones and tabs.

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