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Conversion killers that Causing Cart Abandonment

Dec 1, 2015 by ecoistore Comments Off on Conversion killers that Causing Cart Abandonment

As every online shop is different, it’s not easy to find the actual reasons for cart abandonment, probably there are various reasons for shopping cart abandonment. These conversion killers lead to reduced sales numbers, there are lots of reasons and following few are the most common. By fixing these conversion killers, you can see the best results in on-line sales.

Slow Loading Time

According to the latest research, 57% of customers are going from a web store if it takes more than 3 seconds to load and 80% of them will never return. It widely affects the conversion rate. So it is necessary to ensure that website loads fast and visitors don’t have to wait.

Shipping Cost

Shipping cost is one of the most common conversion killers. 61% of shoppers abandon their carts, if they were not offered free shipping. High cost and not providing free delivery greatly affects the sales. Free or lower shipping cost is the most efficient way to drive more conversions.

Forced to Register

Normally customers come to eCommerce websiteto purchase. When they like something and add that item to cart, they don’t want to be forced to give details that are not required and create an account. A latest report says 25% of shoppers quit their purchases because they are forced to create an account. To solve this problem, allow customers to complete their purchase without any registration.

Delivery Expectation

Web shoppers always want to know the delivery date before they decide to purchase. Most of the shoppers abandon their carts when the estimated delivery date is not given. It can be avoided by showing the delivery date under selected product.

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