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5 Useful Tips for Safe & Secure Online Shopping

Dec 15, 2014 by ecoistore Comments Off on 5 Useful Tips for Safe & Secure Online Shopping

The process of Shopping Online is very easy, but only if it’s safe. The internet is a great place to do business nowadays because it’s becoming easier and simpler to shop without leaving your home. Everyone has a part to play in making online shopping a fun, most important advantage is that of convenience and safe place.

Here are the five Useful tips for secure online shopping:

Selecting strong passwords: Follow simple suggestions like having a mix of letters, characters to your password and don’t give your login details to anyone. Keep it completely confidential always with your password and do not use the same password to all your accounts.

Keep your credit card safe: Most common type of online cheat is credit card theft, so make sure never to reveal your credit card details to anyone over the telephone, e-mails or on sms. When you pay online, make sure you do not store up your credit card information on any websites because it is easily hacked by others.

Be Sure About Your Payment Gateway: Payment gateway is major concern of any transaction. Payment gateway includes everything you need to connect your online business to your Internet merchant accounts using any major processor, so go with trusted and well know payment gateway sites like many Nationalize banks gateways and all then only it will secure and safe for your business.

Do Online Shopping on Familiar Websites & Use reliable Internet Connection: Do your Online Shopping on well known sites which provide guarantee of privacy and security for you. Your internet connection also affect the transaction response time. So you can use high speed connection like broadband.

Don’t click pop-up ads. Hackers recently have posted fraud ads with malicious software on legitimate sites so you can install security plug-in in your browser this will helpful to show whether the website is good or bad via their iconic messages.

 Online Shopping is great ways to find deals but if you are not careful then many Online Shopping ask to enter your personal information’s such as address, account details and other personal details which can be easily hacked by others

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