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Jan - 27 - 2017 Many people running an online business to help their customers does lot of things to feel comfort in their purchase, and e-commerce shopping will deliver shipping on time and customers can enjoy peace of mind that their orders are being taken care of, as well as the feeling that their purchase is still being in control. This fulfillment and satisfaction will be a great success for many businesses starting from brick-and-mortar to click-and-order, the online industry has transformed over the last decade. E-commerce and M-commerce are fast emerging as viable alternatives to traditional retail channels.

At iStore ecommerce, we have built several innovative online ecommerce platforms for our customers, with unique selling strategies. We can make the whole process of e-commerce website designing less complicated. Recently we have implemented custom service order placement inclusion in websites, this helps customers to order for services such as manufacturing unit maintenance, unit inspection etc.,

This feature greatly helps engineering businesses to offer timely support for customers and keeps the maintenance work even more simpler with minimum manual effort and reduces service selection time and make sure that they have a detailed schedule of their services.

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