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Dec - 30 - 2016 istore-being-implemented-with-multi-store-feature

Ecommerce solutions offered by iStore are business-specific that meets the client’s requirements and we create storefronts with features that compliment your industry. We have been working on diverse ecommerce projects and we know what supports our clients to generate sales. Our ecommerce websites are optimized for desktop, mobile and tablets. We help our clients by offering services from selling a product to subscription, taking payments to offers, we have also developed custom designs to make online business success.

For businesses that needs to deliver separate and unique shopping experiences multi-store ecommerce platform is significant. iStore ecommerce solution offers this functionality of multiple portals with unique branding, functionality, and/or experiences for the consumer. This feature in ecommerce solutions will increase average order value, conversion rates and offer brand unique experiences that keep customers happy and coming back.

Multi-store ecommerce feature in iStore allow businesses to control and access all stores in single admin panel. So without Multi-store ecommerce, every store details need to be customized one by one. But in contrast, Multi-store ecommerce allows you to adjust the look and the feel of storefronts from a  Individual administration interface

Key features of iStore’ Multi-store feature:
  • Create e-commerce store, each with a unique domain name, brand and design
  • Individual administration interface for store owners
  • Optimized for high volume traffic
  • Fast and secure in performance

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