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sculpture manufacturer


Client is from south India and making statues.They manufacture world classsculptures and they aim to reach world market with online presence.


Client’s requirement was to have an e-Commerce web portal. Apart from showcasing the products in developed web portal, it should alsoincrease theirbusiness by taking bulk orders for corporate gifts, return gifts etc.,they also wanted theirproducts to be listed in a gifts section and the process flow was also different from that of the generic products.

What we did

Our team of developers @ iStore developed a web portalwhich is implemented in client’s server to sell statues to their customers online. With the applicationadministrator canorganize all products, theirinformation online and allow users to shop & order. Users can search for their required statues and place their order by selecting products using shopping cart. The application showcases more than 1000 designs. All the products could be uploaded from the web portal by administrator. An average of 3 angles of an imagescan be added to each statue. The products will be classified into multiple categories and subcategories. Apart from that the client can also, showcase their return gifts, corporate gift and handle bulk orders. There is also gift card option where any user can buy a gift voucher and redeem it. There are also options for the administrator to mention the discount percentage. Salescan also be monitored and reports pertaining to that will be generated by the application. The following are the features in developed application
  • Store related details (Name & Address)
  • Order notification emails
  • Store Default Meta information
  • Maintenance mode settings / information
  • Product sorting options
  • Default products / customer reviews listing per page
  • Default Out of stock / shipping related messages
Technology Used

The developed application ensures the following benefits for the Client:
  • Multiple currencies thus ensuring worldwide reach
  • Order segregation as statues and return/corporate gifts
  • Courier gateway with price calculation according to the weight of the statue
  • Billing Option (if the product weight differs from the ordered one). This ensures no loss for the customers
  • Order Tracking for the customers to know the current status of their order

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