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Mar - 19 - 2016 Flexible discountsIn today’s Digital Age E-Commerce Website allow users to sell or buy products online globally. Online stores come with complete product catalogue, online payments, shipping options, customer management etc. and Website visitors would be able to select and checkout products in their shopping cart, also they can make online or offline payments for their selected products.

Every buyer will be delighted if they gain any discounts for their online purchase, knowing the customer perspectives many online store started offering discounts and special deals for repeated and multiple purchases.iStore ecommerce with years of experience in e-commerce website developmentdelivers customizable ecommerce websites which are flexible enough to evolve and nurture businesses.

Recently we have incorporated flexible discounts offerings for definite price range of products, using iStore the administrator can offer variety of discounts and choose a particular price range of any product and offer discounts.There’s no ‘one size fits all’ in e-commerce so we listen to our client businesses and understand who their customers are, we work with them to deliver a secure, custom-designed e-commerce website which includes all the features needed to promote and sell online successfully.

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