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E-commerce website customization using Magento  


Client offers a wide range of information technology services to clients in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific region. They provide web based solutions such as web design, multimedia productions, hosting and web applications such as on-line surveys, e-newsletters with tracking systems and many other web applications including CMS modules. They provide full fledged IT Solutions for their clients at different levels  


Client’s requirement was to customize their existing site using Magento in order to achieve pleasant look & feel and ease of use demands. They wish to change routines for home page, sub pages and shopping cart, this includes Personalized Home Page, Unique Home Page Image on every refresh and Control of data and images along with its position on the display, Product Selection to be in just few steps with a rich UI and easy to select options, Customized Search Options, Add to Cart using Light box Integration and One Page Checkouts.  

What we did

Our team of experienced developers came up with a customized Magento template to cater the needs of the client. The template covers the entire requirements of the client. Conversion was user friendly with direct configurable option from the main CMS. Client was provided with the option to control various aspects of the website. The administrator user can define what should be displayed on the home page and at which part of the website that particular content has to be displayed and etc.,. The Magento template designed received accolades from the client.  

Technology Used

Magento, MySQL  


  • Option to switch over to new template anytime
  • Product configuration shall be fully customized anytime
  • Complete user friendly interface
  • Home Page controlled by the client
  • Entire data driven from the another existing application
  • Reports can be customized as per the needs before printing the same
  • Easy to import product data from Spreadsheet programs, with configurable options in the admin panel
  • One single site can be configured to act as two different domains based on the template settings

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