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Online Marketing Best Practices to Multiply your E-Commerce Sales

Sep 8, 2016 by ecoistore Comments Off on Online Marketing Best Practices to Multiply your E-Commerce Sales

Many ecommerce websites rank higher in search engines and get plenty of traffic but achieve low conversion rates when it comes to online selling. Web has transformed the way people compare and buy everything from fruit to flat-screen TVs. Because there are many potential reasons for this, from pricing and product to navigation and security. Here are the right methods to make Online Marketing Success for your E-Commerce websites.

Improve your website navigation

To encourage site visitors to purchase from your website, it needs to be very well laid-out, clean and clear. Before developing your ecommerce website make sure designer understands this from the start. You need to keep everything simple, professional and consistent. Important thing you need to minimise the number of clicks that landing on the home page.

Build trust with website visitors

It is important to get all the elements right from the beginning. If you are running online business more than 10 years and not able to get conversions, it’s not good. Online businesses do not have face-to-face contact with customers, so it’s important to convey the fact that your website is trustworthy. Including endorsements, testimonials and case studies from customers on your website.

Think about your target market

Think about your target audience. You should always focus on whom you are selling to. If target audience are between 15 to 35, then they are likely to be web savvy. But if it’s more than 35 you have to do everything to make them feel safe. Get customer feedbacks, run user surveys, develop your database and contact customers through mail with relevant information or offer information that should not be spammy. At the same time, need to analyse and track competitors for your website.

Target Blog with keywords

One of the main sources to get traffic to your blog will be search engines. Focusing on keyword is the best way to bring traffic through search engines. Some important aspects while target keywords for blogs are.

  • Use keywords in your blog post title,
  • Focus on using just one or two keyword phrases in each blog post,
  • Use keywords throughout your blog posts,
  • Use keywords in and around links in your blog post,
  • Use keywords in image Alt-tags

On-page Optimization

Speaking about On page SEO, you need to optimize your content with the target keywords. Using On Page SEO for ecommerce can help you get a better rank in the search engine. Creating a wonderful website is a great news but it should be SEO friendly that can make your e-commerce website speaks more.

There are multiple of SEO benefits and that to be explore carefully to get the better result. By following these tips, you can definitely make more effective SEO that multiples your e-commerce revenue. Follow these principles after launching your online store and improve your conversion rate, Contact us now at to get an optimized e-commerce website.

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